Whether your friends are moving into a new apartment or are first-time home-buyers, scroll on to find the perfect gift to fit their space.

1Hello Welcome Mat


Give them a doormat that’ll make every future visitor feel welcome.

2Stop Guac and Molé Bowl



Everybody can use another bowl for chips and dip — make it even more personal by including your favorite guac recipe.

3Fiora Black and White Napkin



Next time they have friends over for dinner, they can set the table with some elegant linen napkins.

4Cursive Candlestick


Gold candlesticks with a curvy base make for a striking centerpiece.

5Hermosa Bouquet



A bouquet of fresh flowers will brighten up any of their new rooms.

6Seagrass Rectangular Placemat



Nothing says “adult home” quite like eating over a placemat — a braided seagrass version adds a fun rustic vibe.

7Metal Bendy Straws



Metal straws will keep guests’ drinks cold *and* reduce waste.

8White Gardenia Dish Soap



Sweet-smelling dish soap is way easier on the nose than your typical kitchen sink soap — it’ll make washing the dishes feel like a trip to the spa (OK, maybe that’s an overstatement).

9Textured Oil + Vinegar Set



An easy-pour oil and vinegar serving set is way better than the grocery-store bottles that get super sticky. Plus, it’ll look great on the table all year round.

10Mason Cash Forest Coffee & Sugar Canisters



Sure, they *could* keep their coffee beans and sugar in their paper containers, but aren’t canisters just way cuter?

11Chambord Classic French Press



A striking copper French press is the perfect gift for coffee connoisseurs.

12Floral Bar Soap


Their new guest bathroom is just begging for a nice, floral-scented hand soap.

13Vintage Copper Tea Pot



A refurbished copper tea pot from the 19th century will add history to their new digs.

14Studio Vine Pot


These planters will be right at home on their bookshelves or windowsills.

15Set of 3 Copper Cheese Knives


If your friends are cheese-lovers, they’ll absolutely adore a copper three-knife set.

16Automatic Electric Corkscrew


Taking the cork out of a bottle after a long day shouldn’t be an arm workout — ensure easy opening with an electric corkscrew.

17Set of 4 Measuring Cups



Copper and marble measuring cups will keep their baking precise.

18Rapid Beverage Chiller



Someday, they’ll have people over and realize they didn’t refrigerate the Chardonnay beforehand. A beverage chiller will get them out of a warm wine bind in a flash.

19Cuddle Up Faux-Fur Throw Blanket



An updated — and super cozy — blanket for those Netflix-heavy nights in.

20Moscow Mule Mug

Even if your friends aren’t big mule drinkers, they’ll love sipping their favorite beverage from a hammered copper vessel.

2118-Jar Acacia Wood Spice Rack



A sleek and simple spice rack will keep them organized in the kitchen.

22Glass Bottles with Wood Stoppers



No classy bar cart is complete without a few distinguished-looking decanters.

232-Piece Measuring Conversion Magnet Set



Ever try to Google baking measurements on your phone while your fingers were covered in flour? Yeah, not fun. Magnets ensure that all the tricky conversions will be close at hand without gunking up their gadgets.

24French Kitchen Marble Wine Cooler



A marble canister keeps wine chilled while it’s on the table — meaning your host won’t have to get up and grab the bottle out of the fridge for every refill. Such a time-saver!

25Jute Laundry Basket




This hamper is stylish and useful. If your friend already has a system for his or her clothing, he or she can still use it to store extra throws or blankets for the living room or guest bedroom.

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