Best Holiday Gifts for the Rock Climber in Your Life

For many avid rock climbersOpens a New Window., it’s more than a hobby—it’s an obsessionOpens a New Window.. Hang out with any group of climbers and you’ll find that conversations regularly shift to “this pumpy V6” they’re “projecting,” their recent trip to YosemiteOpens a New Window., or how they can’t wait to make it out to “Font” (the Forest of Fontainebleau) someday.

Even if you don’t know the slang or spend all your free time watching videos of Adam OndraOpens a New Window.screaming through another superhuman route, you can still get a great gift for that special climber in your life. Many climbers are particular about the kind of gear they use, so you should steer clear of any technical gear unless they specifically ask for it, but there are plenty of climbing gifts that you can’t go wrong with. This year, give your beloved van-dwelling dirtbagOpens a New Window. a gift that says, “I understand you love climbing. Now can we please talk about something else?”

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